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On behalf of Chilean Society of Soil Science, we are pleased to inform you that a latest issue of Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition (JSSPN) is available online. See table of content below.

Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition is a peer reviewed journal that publishes original research findings in all areas related to soil science, plant nutrition, agriculture and environmental science. For publication it accepts original research articles, technical notes, short communication and reviews (both voluntary and by invitation), on all aspects indicated by the Journal title.

Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition invite to submit manuscripts via its online Manuscript Management System



  • Research Article
    Microbial communities of bulk and Eschscholzia californica rhizosphere soils at two altitudes in Central Chile
    de Armas-Ricard, M; Orlando, J; Bustamante, R; Carú, M

  • Research Article
    Soil enzymes and biological activity at different levels of organic matter stability
    Merino, C; Godoy, R; Matus, F

  • Research Article
    Targeted yield precision model assessment for rice-rice crop sequences in Farmers' Fields in Humid, Sub-tropical Northeastern India
    Das, K.N; Basumatary, A; Ahmed, S

  • Research Article
    Potential repellent activity of the essential oil of ruta chalepensis (linnaeus) from chile against aegorhinus superciliosus (guérin) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
    Tampe, J; Parra, L; Huaiquil, K; Quiroz, A

  • Research Article
    Ammonia emissions from livestock production in Chile: an inventory and uncertainty analysis
    Muñoz, E; Navia, R; Zaror, C; Alfaro, M

  • Research Article
    Changes in P pools over three months in two soils amended with legume residues
    Alamgir, M; Marschner, P

  • Research Article
    LInkage between herbaceous vegetation and soil characteristics along rawal dam islamabad
    Yousaf, A; Shabbir, R; Jabeen, A; Erum, S; Ahmad, S. S

  • Research Article
    Qualitative parameters of pleurotus ostreatus (jacq.) p. kumm. mushrooms grown on supplemented spent substrate
    Picornell-Buendía, M. R; Pardo-Giménez, A; de Juan-Valero, J. A

  • Research Article
    Nitrogen availability and mineralization in Pinus radiata stands fertilized mid-rotation at three contrasting sites
    Ramírez, M. V; Rubilar, R. A; Montes, C; Stape, J.L; Fox, T.R; Lee Allen, H

  • Research Article
    Addition impact of biochar from different feedstocks on microbial community and available concentrations of elements in a Psammaquent and a Plinthudult
    Muhammad, N; Brookes, P. C; Wu, J

  • Research Article
    Thresholds of copper toxicity to lettuce in field-collected agricultural soils exposed to copper mining activities in Chile
    Verdejo, J; Ginocchio, R; Sauvé, S; Mondaca, P; Neaman, A

  • Research Article
    Soil-nutrient availability affected by different biomass-ash applications
    Quirantes, M; Calvo, F; Romero, E; Nogales, R

  • Research Article
    Arbuscular Mycorrhizal symbiosis in four Al-tolerant wheat genotypes grown in an acidic Andisol
    Seguel, A; Castillo, C.G; Morales, A; Campos, P; Cornejo, P; Borie, F

  • Research Article
    Non-destructive Assessment of Highbush Blueberry Fruit Maturity Parameters and Anthocyanins by Using a Visible/Near Infrared (vis/NIR) Spectroscopy Device: A Preliminary Approach
    Ribera-Fonseca, A; Noferini, M; Rombolá, A.D

  • Research Article
    Soil-plant characteristics in an age sequence of coronilla varia l. plantations along embankments
    Li, Y; Gao, Z; Tang, L

  • Research Article
    Phytase-producing Bacillus sp. inoculation increases phosphorus availability in cattle manure
    Menezes-Blackburn, D; Inostroza, N.G; Gianfreda, L; Greiner, R; Mora, M.L; Jorquera, M.A

  • Research Article
    Inoculation with selenobacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to enhance selenium content in lettuce plants and improve tolerance against drought stress
    Durán, P; Acuña, J.J; Armada, E; López-Castillo, O.M; Cornejo, P; Mora, M.L; Azcón, R

  • Research Article
    Microbial consortium and pig slurry to improve chemical properties of degraded soil and nutrient plant uptake(Schoebitz and Vidal, 2016)
    Schoebitz, M; Vidal, G

  • Research Article
    The impact of foliar nickel fertilization on urease activity in pecan trees
    Ojeda-Barrios, D.L; Sánchez-Chávez, E; Sida-Arreola, J.P; Valdez-Cepeda, R; Balandran-Valladares, M

  • Research Article
    Recycling pulp mill sludge to volcanic soil: a column leaching study
    Gallardo, F; Briceño, G; Flores, M.J; Diez, M.C


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