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On behalf of Chilean Society of Soil Science, we are pleased to inform you that a latest issue of Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition (JSSPN) is available online. See table of content below.

Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition is a peer reviewed journal that publishes original research findings in all areas related to soil science, plant nutrition, agriculture and environmental science. For publication it accepts original research articles, technical notes, short communication and reviews (both voluntary and by invitation), on all aspects indicated by the Journal title.

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  • Review
    Future challenges and perspectives for applying microbial biotechnology in sustainable agriculture based on a better understanding of plant-microbiome interactions
    Barea, J. M

    Enzymes of importance to rhizosphere processes
    Gianfreda, L

    Ecophysiological role of Embothrium coccineum, a Proteaceae species bearing cluster roots, at increasing Phosphorus availability in its rhizosphere
    Delgado, M; Zúñiga-Feest, A; Borie, F

    Soil carbon controlled by plant, microorganism and mineralogy interactions
    Merino, C; Nannipieri, P; Matus, F

    Organic amendments as sustainable tool to recovery fertility in intensive agricultural systems
    Scotti, R; Bonanomi, G; Scelza, R; Zoina, A; Rao, M.A

    The impact of grassland management on biogeochemical cycles involving carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus
    Rumpel, C; Crème, A; Ngo, P.T; Velásquez, G; Mora, M.L; Chabbi, A

    Nutrient cycling in the mycorrhizosphere
    Azcón-Aguilar, C; Barea, J.M

    Availability of Mn, Zn and Fe in the rhizosphere
    Rengel, Z

    Biogeochemical processes at soil-root interface
    Violante, A; Caporale, A.G

    Biotic interactions in the rhizosphere in relation to plant and soil nutrient dynamics
    Larsen, J; Jaramillo-López, P; Nájera-Rincon, M; González-Esquivel, C.E

    Phosphorus disequilibrium in the tripartite plant-ectomycorrhiza-plant growth promoting rhizobacterial association
    Cumming, J.R; Zawaski, C; Desai, S; Collart, F.R

    Improving selenium status in plant nutrition and quality
    Mora, M.L; Durán, P; Acuña, J; Cartes, P; Demanet, R; Gianfreda, L

    Current overview on the study of bacteria in the rhizosphere by modern molecular techniques: a mini‒review
    Lagos, L; Maruyama, F; Nannipieri, P; Mora, M.L; Ogram, A; Jorquera, M.A

    Rhizosphere-induced heavy metal(loid) transformation in relation to bioavailability and remediation
    Seshadri, B; Bolan, N.S; Naidu, R

  • Research Article
    Rhizosphere effect on pesticide degradation in biobeds under different hydraulic loads
    Diez, M.C; Schalchli, H; Elgueta, S; Salgado, E; Millahueque, N; Rubilar, O; Tortella, G.R; Briceño, G

    Dr. Liliana Gienfreda

    Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II - Nápoles, Italia.
    E-mail: gianfred@unina.it

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