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Editorial Special Issue
Condron, Leo

Influence of clay concentration, residue C/N and particle size on microbial activity and nutrient availability in clay-amended sandy soil
Pal, S; Marschner, P

Fertilizer effects on phosphorus fractions and organic matter in Andisols
Velásquez, G; Calabi-Floody, M; Poblete-Grant, P; Rumpel, C; Demanet, R; Condron, L; Mora, M.L

Can biochar increase the bioavailability of phosphorus?
Shen, Q; Hedley, M; Camps Arbestain, M; Kirschbaum, M.U.F

Impacts of soil-soluble anions on wild and cultivated herbaceous species: implications for soil phytoremediation
Gutiérrez-Ginés, M. J; Hernández, A. J; Pastor, J

Selection of maturity indices for compost derived from grape pomace
Martínez, M; Ortega, R; Janssens, M; Angulo, J; Fincheira, P

Effect of Carbon source on dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium in Costal Wetland sediments
Liu, X; Han, J.-G; Ma, Z.-W; Wang, Q; Li, L.-H

Phosphorus response and optimum pH ranges of twelve pasture legumes grown in an acid upland New Zealand soil under glasshouse conditions
Moir, J; Jordan, P; Moot, D; Lucas, R

Surface application of limestone and calcium-magnesium silicate in a tropical no-tillage system
Castro, G.S.A.; Crusciol, C.A.C.; da Costa, C.H.M.; Ferrari Neto, J; Mancuso, M.A.C.

Multi-rotation impacts of increased organic matter removal in planted forests
Smaill, S.J; Garrett, L.G

Potential of mycorrhizal inocula to improve growth, nutrition and enzymatic activities in Retama sphaerocarpa compared with chemical fertilization under drought conditions
Armada, E; López-Castillo, O; Roldán, A; Azcón, R

Effect of residue mixtures on response of cumulative respiration to salinity
Hasbullah, H; Marschner, P

Soil nitrogen contribution to grasslands and its implication for nitrogen use efficiency
Lobos Ortega, I; Alfaro, M; Martinez-Lagos, J

Impact of different tree species on soil phosphorus immediately following grassland afforestation
Chirino-Valle, I; Davis, M. R; Condron, L.M

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi biodiversity: prospecting in Southern-Central zone of Chile. A review
Castillo, C. G; Borie, F; Oehl, F; Sieverding, E

Temperature sensitivity of carbon decomposition in soil aggregates along a climatic gradient
Muñoz, C; Cruz, B; Rojo, F; Campos, J; Casanova, M; Doetterl, S; Boeckx, P; Zagal, E

Assessment of phosphorus status influenced by Al and Fe compounds in volcanic grassland soils
Redel, Y; Cartes, P; Demanet, R; Velásquez, G; Poblete-Grant, P; Bol, R; Mora, M. L

Phosphate solubilization by fungi with nematicidal potential
Lima-Rivera, D. L; Lopez-Lima, D; Desgarennes, D; Velázquez-Rodríguez, A. S; Carrion, G

Isolation of efficient phosphate solubilizing bacteria capable of enhancing tomato plant growth
Sharon, J. A; Hathwaik, L.T; Glenn, G.M; Imam, S. H; Lee, C.C

Phosphorus acquisition of wheat, pea and narrow-leafed lupin under different P supplies
Sandaña, P; Pinochet, D

Effects of zinc fertilizer rate and application method on photosynthetic characteristics and grain yield of summer maize
Liu, H; Gan, W; Rengel, Z; Zhao, P

Dr. Leo Condron

Lincoln University
New Zealand


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